Feb 04 2016

Dental Care: Flip the Lip, we dare you!

If you have a pet, Flip the Lip” and take a look! Gently lift your pet’s lip.  Check for tartar (brown “stains” around the gum line), inflamed gums, or missing/broken teeth. Other signs of dental disease might include:

  • For a cat, you may notice increased drooling or failing to groom themselves
  • Both cats and dogs can exhibit reluctance to eat or play with toys
  • You might see “chattering” of the teeth when trying to eat
  • Or your pet might become lethargic

Dental disease progresses in stages — if caught early, you can prevent further damage and save as many teeth as possible.

Are some breeds at greater risk than others?

Small/toy breeds are at greater risk of periodontal disease because their teeth are often crowded together and some breeds are genetically predisposed to malocclusion (bad bite) problems. This results in an increased accumulation of plaque because the normal cleansing mechanisms are hindered.

To learn more about your pet’s dental health, click here.

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