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Buying medications online can be a risky proposition.  With the ever increasing number of counterfeit drugs and rogue pharmacy websites, pet owners are at risk of buying a product that may not contain the proper medication, or worse, could harm their pet.

Read this recent story from one of our clients:

“Recently I purchased Nexgard off the internet for a fraction of what Fairview Animal Hospital was selling it for.  The US based website I bought it from seemed “legit”.  When my product arrived, I realized it came from the UK.  After looking at the box carefully, I noticed it didn’t say “Approved by FDA” anywhere on the box.  I promptly returned it. 

My lesson?  If it’s THAT much cheaper than what my vet is selling it for, there’s probably a reason, and it’s NOT a good one!”
                                        – M. Thomas, 3/18

Here’s a February, 2018 article from a Florida newspaper about a veterinarian whose product was stolen and later sold on Facebook.

The risks and reports have become so prevalent that the FDA released a consumer alert video to warn of dangers of buying pet drugs online.

In response to this growing concern, we offer our own online pharmacy.  Our prices are competitive with most other online pharmacies and all of our products are backed by the manufacturer’s guarantee.  When purchasing from our online pharmacy, you will also receive the same rebates that are available in our hospital. To purchase your pet’s medication through our online pharmacy, click here.

Should you prefer to buy from another online pharmacy and require a prescription from one of the doctors at our hospital, please sign this  Waiver of Responsibility for Online Pharmacy and eMail Us.

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