Senior Preventive Care Plan

(for dogs age 7 and older; for cats age 10 and older at time of enrollment):

Our Senior Preventive Care Plan includes the same preventive care as the Adult Preventive Care Plan but adds additional diagnostic testing appropriate for your aging pet. Changes in behavior, physical condition, and function of body systems are more likely to occur during the senior years. It is at this stage of life that additional physical exams and lab work are most needed for early detection and prevention of potential problems.

Our Senior Preventive Care Plan includes:

  • Comprehensive wellness exams*
  • Internal parasite screenings*
  • Core vaccinations*

For dogs: rabies, distemper, parvo, parainfluenza, hepatitis and leptospirosis
For cats: viral rhinotracheitis, calicivirus, panleukopenia, rabies, leukemia virus

  • Deworming for hookworms and roundworms*
  • Annual gingival and sub-gingival cleaning, polishing and scaling**

Includes anesthesia and IV catheter and IV fluids

  • Annual set of full-mouth digital dental radiographs
  • Oral home health care kit
  • Semi-annual complete health panels that screen all major internal organs, including thyroid

*as recommended by your veterinarian. Additional vaccinations may be recommended at additional cost, depending on your pet’s lifestyle.
**additional cost for Oral A.T.P. may occur, depending on condition of pet’s mouth. An estimate will be provided at time of procedure. Costs covered under Preventive Care Plan will be deducted from the total cost of procedure.

Our Senior Preventive Care Plan Costs:

Canine – $80.00/month, plus a one-time enrollment fee of $75*
Feline – $65.00/month, plus a one-time enrollment fee of $75*

*if transitioning from Adult Preventive Care Plan, there is no enrollment fee.

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