Preventive/ Wellness Services

We provide preventive/wellness care to small animals (cats, dogs, rabbits, "pocket pets") in the Ellenwood, Stockbridge, Rex, Morrow, Decatur and Conyers areas. We consider preventive care to be all of the routine procedures, vaccinations, medications and diagnostics needed to keep your pet well, including the following:

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    Preventive Care Plans

    We offer Preventive Care Plans to allow you to get the very best preventive care for your pet with affordable monthly payments. The Early Preventive Care Plan is for pets…

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    Flea, Heartworm & Intestinal Parasite Preventives

    We recommend Zoetis’s Simparica Trio. Simparica Trio is an all in one chewable tablet for heartworm, intestinal parasite, flea and tick prevention. However, we stock a variety of products in…

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    Parasite Testing

    Parasites are generally broken down into two categories: external and internal. External: The most common external parasites which may affect your pets are fleas,ticks, lice, mites, and demodex and sarcoptic…

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    Vaccinations are another important part of preventive care as they protect your pet from diseases which are common to them. In many cases, these diseases can be transmitted to you…

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    Comprehensive Preventive Care Exam

    The comprehensive preventive care exam is the single most powerful diagnostic tool in all of medicine! It helps us detect many serious health problems and diseases (for example, dental disease…