Dental Rewards Program

Since we know that periodontal disease is the leading cause of premature death in cats and dogs, we place a high priority on its prevention and treatment. To this end, we are excited to introduce our Dental Rewards Program.

As you invest in becoming more educated about your pet’s dental health and preventing periodontal disease at home, you can earn rewards and discounts toward the preventive care they will need from us.

Here’s how it works:

Phase One (once per client):

  1. Read the information on our page “Your Pet’s Dental Health“.
  2. Complete our Dental Health Quiz and receive a passing grade.
  3. Print your certificate showing your passing grade.
  4. Bring it to Fairview Animal Hospital for a free bag of VeggieDents. (Trust us, your pet will LOVE them!) AND earn a $10 discount on your pet’s next dental procedure.

Phase Two (once per pet):

Make a single purchase of at least $40 of oral health care products from Fairview Animal Hospital and get a 10% discount on your purchase (includes prescription diets, dental treats, dental chews, water additives, tooth brushes and/or toothpaste) AND earn another $15 discount on your pet’s next dental procedure.

Phase Three (once per pet):

Bring your pet in to Fairview Animal Hospital for an oral health assessment. (Requires a 10 minute, no cost appointment.) Earn an additional $10 discount on your pet’s next dental procedure, if your pet has not already received an oral health assessment within the previous 6 months.

Get free product, discounts AND if you complete all three phases, you can earn $35 off your pet’s next dental procedure (a 10% savings on the preventive oral A.T.P.)!* Get started today!

*If your pet is currently on our Adult or Senior Preventive Care Plan, you already receive a 10% discount on this service so we will apply your $35 savings to any additional products or services your pet needs.
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